Wedding day portraits of the couple are so fun, so significant, and so often, rushed. 
And I understand. It's your wedding day. You have family and friends in from everywhere. You're probably a little behind schedule. You want to drink and eat the food you've chosen and everyone is pulling you in a thousand different directions. 

But that's why I do my signature wedding collection the way I do. So we can build in as much time in as we can -
for just the two of you. 

Here's the way I like to look at your wedding day portrait time: 
It's maybe the only time you two get to have to be (pretty much) by yourselves. 
Yes, I move you around, but I also give you space to talk, breathe, catch up. 

It's a little bit of time away from the hustle and bustle to just relax, 
and be together on your wedding day.