When your family has their portraits done by me, you get the whole shebang.
Families who book portraits by me are looking for more than more JPGs to flip through on their iPhone
- they're want to capture memories that will be relived again and again through art.
My families want to minutia of their every day lives documented, so that they don't forget those little things,
those tiny routines and quirks that fall to the wayside as kids grow up.

They want to remember the messy faces, the well-loved toys, the scrunchy-nose smiles, the bare toes. 


Families who book portrait shoots with me invest the time it takes to create great memories,
because they know I also invest the time it takes to help them figure out how to do it.  


Some Tips and tricks from my years of photographing families and kids: 

The first question I always get asked - what to wear: 
Don't all dress the same (unless it's something you do on a regular basis). This  isn't a 1990s summer camp. 
Do dress comfortably, fun, and in something YOU think you look good it! These are going hang on your walls for you to look at - you want to look at it and think, "Man, we look awesome!" I'm personally a fan of color and accessories - letting your kids choose what they want to wear works surprisingly well too (with some guidance, of course). 

Don't bring out food or toys once we've started to shoot - in fact, leave bags in the car. Bribery doesn't make for better photos - it only brings fake smiles and a kid who wants this to be over so they can get their prize.
Do suggest games, songs, activities - what do you do as a family on a regular basis? What quirks do you love in your child? Let's bring out their personality!

Don't run after them with a hairbrush - it annoys the kids and interrupts their flow. 
Do fix their hair and straighten them up if we're doing an outfit change, but otherwise, let them be wild and free!

Do expect to be in photos, interact, snuggle, giggle, laugh, spin, play - you're finally not the one behind the camera!  

And finally, don't stress! It's your family shoot and it should be fun.


Next, we shoot! This this the best part. 
Cue: fun, laughter, tickles, chaos, and smiles all around.