"Can I reach thru the cyber world to hug and kiss you all over?!!  The photos are amazing! I am most convinced that you are able to split yourself in to many mini Karinas because how else would you have been in so many places at once!!?


Sarah + Phil


"I have no words for these pictures and I almost cried reading what you wrote in the email .. I'm pretty sure Bryan wants to have a baby tomorrow just so you can take more pictures haha. not only are you amazing at what you do but you're an amazing person.

thank you again, really words aren't enough."

Diane + Bryan

"We are having a blast going through them all!! 

You are extremely talented and we are very, very pleased with the outcome of these photos.  You captured so many precious and candid moments and we love the variety you gave us.  

Thanks again for everything, we definitely hope this isn't the last we will see of you."

Amanda + Peng


"They are all STUNNING!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so so much for everything...you were SO fun to work with and invaluable to our wedding."

"Just wanted to say how absolutely incredible every single photo is! You have captured every moment beautifully as well as the look and atmosphere of the whole event and everyone there. It is beyond what we had ever hoped. You are just amazingly talented and were a pure joy to work with. Thank you thank you thank you."

NIna + Jeremy


KARINA!  These photos are INCREDIBLE, you did an amazing job capturing the moments of our wedding so beautifully!  Thank you, thank you thank you so much!  

We ended up staying up 'till two in the morning last night laughing, crying and reminiscing through your beautiful captures. 

You are amazing.  I am so happy to have met you and all of your awesomeness and badassery! 

Cat + Jesse

"Your photos are like
candy I can't stop eating!"

Corinne + JP

These photos are beyond amazing. 
Thank you 1 million times over, 
they are SO perfect!!!"

Michelle + Mike

"Karina!! Thank you so much for everything  yesterday, it was 1000000% better than I could have every imagined!!!!

PS now you're not my photographer so you have to be my friend. Case closed."

Mallory + Lucas


For real though - holy shit, I am SO happy with these. So so so happy. They make me wish I could go back! I guess that means we did everything right :)"

Elyse + John


AHHHHH!!! AMAZING!!! These are such beautiful photos!  I had to wait like 7 hours between getting the email about the photos and getting to finally look at them, and the anticipation almost killed me!

Thank you so much! You transcended our awkwardness amazingly and these pictures are the best. 

Orsi + Ethan


There are truly no words to completely describe what Karina has done for us. That said, I'll try. Karina is everything we ever wanted in a wedding photographer, and then ten times more. She is hilarious, fun, crazy talented, thoughtful, efficient - just a superb, superb person and photographer. I want to make up situations in which I need a professional photographer, just so I can hire her again (and hang out, because have I mentioned that she's an incredible person as well as photographer?). In the photographs, she captured every single thing that we wanted to capture. She GOT us. She got what we were trying to do. She captured the joy, the laughter, the closeness, the small little moments. She's creative and talented. So talented. She's got the eye. I could go on and on and on and on. Seriously - the BEST decision we made in our wedding planning. Unbelievable. We are absolutely blown away.

Megan + Kley

I realized that we were SO EXCITED about the photos that we never responded to your email to thank you!! Please rest assured that the reason is because we have been spending every available moment looking at the photos over and over again and then forwarding the link to friends and family.

We hope to write you a more thoughtful thank you note later, but for now I wanted to make sure you knew how overjoyed and delighted we are with the photos, and how appreciative we are of all your hard work. 

Sarah + Mike



Karina these are AWESOME!!!! Everyone is in love with them, including us. Thank you so so much for your awesome work! 

Mike + Danielle

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