What is happening in that photo?

Campground wedding meets zombie film crew. The campground accidentally double booked the grounds for the day of the wedding and called the couple a month before in a panic. The couple's solution? Get lightsabers and ride into battle! No one was even a little upset, and everyone had a great time. The zombies even got invited to the reception. Good thing the tables were all armed with Nerf guns. 

What's included in your collections?

My wedding collections start at $3800 and include:

  • Coverage of your wedding day, from prep to party time

  • The my time and talents and years of photographing weddings in all situations

  • The high resolution digital files of your day, lovingly processed and made print ready for you

  • One-on-two time in front of the camera with me before your wedding day to get warmed up and get to know each other

  • An online gallery to check your fine selves out, share images with friends and family, and allow them to order professional grade prints from my lab

Email me for full collection details. 

I also LOVE small elopements, city hall ceremonies and backyard weddings, so if you have a small event and need smaller coverage, shoot me an email and let's talk!

Where are you based?

I currently live in the Boston area and am happy to shoot weddings in Massachusetts. While I am no longer currently traveling for weddings, if you’re getting married out of state, but within 2 hours of Boston, feel free to reach out to me!

How far in advance do you book?

I book as far out as 18 month in advance, to as late as a month in advance.  You never know til you ask, so email me to see if you're date is open! 

What is your style of shooting?

Fun, photojournalistic, colorful, candid. I’m always watching for the moment to happen, even the ones no one else notices is happening. I love people watching, and really, becoming a photographer was the best way to use that skill.

Do you shoot family formals on wedding days?

Yes, of course. I come from a very enormous family, and I strongly believe doing "formal" family portraits on your wedding day. Why? Because they're important to your parents. Your siblings are going to want a shot with you to post on Facebook to brag. Your grandparents are so happy for you. It shows all the ties you have to your community, and all the people that brought you to this day. 

Check out my recent weddings for proof

Have you really done all this crazy stuff at weddings or did you style that?

I have really, truly, gone with couples - on their wedding day - to go bowling, or play billiards, or fight zombies with lightsabers, or get drinks at a bar. It's part of the reason I do my collections the way I do. I want to be there for any and all of the things you want to do on your wedding day.

Did you study photography?

Believe it or not, I went to Tufts University for psychology and communications, and a minor in studio art (I really liked school). I fell into photography by accident, photographing models for my painting classes. I loved it, built it into my comm thesis (which was about the history of pin-up photography and the impact of acceptable visual erotica on society), which got me a job in the Tufts Photo Department, which got me a job assisting a commercial portrait photographer in Cambridge, and well... the rest is history! 

Can you make me look younger/thinner/more like Charlize Theron?

Yes, Charlize is a hottie with a body, but guess what - so are you. As a photojournalist, I believe in capturing you as you are - there’s no one else like you in the world! So when I edit, what I do is a full color correct on your photos, and adjust the exposure so everything is all pretty and print ready for you.

Can I give you a Pinterest link/print out of photos I want you to take?

I hope that, since you've checked out my portfolio and gotten this far, you hire me for the style that I shoot and the images I see. Having said that, if you feel the need, you can most certainly send me Pinterest boards or photos that really inspire you, but I won't promise you I'll take an image someone else did first or don't jive with my style. Read more on my thoughts about it here

Do you really shoot with that tiny camera?

In my personal life, I carry around my iPhone and my beloved Fuji x100t - it's my baby and it comes with me everywhere. But when I'm photographing your wedding, I'm primarily shooting with my Nikon system.