"What should we do for an engagement shoot?"
"Where should we do it?"
"What should we wear?"

Everybody asks me these questions.
If you're one of the few people to knows exactly what they want to do, great!
If not, I'm here for you to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm magic.  

My thought is: your engagement shoot should reflect who you are now, as a couple. 
These are the photos of you being young and in love, however that manifests itself at this point in your relationship. 

Are you in your first home together? Let's document it!
Spend most of your time bar hopping? Let's grab some beers!
Board game wars? Totally. 
Ever wanted to plan a bank heist? Believe it or not - I've done that!

Check out some of my favorite engagement shoot blog posts from over the years for some ideas.