We do things a little differently here at Oh, Karina. 

I realized very quickly that there was a type of couple that I wanted to work with - creative, vibrant, artsy or art-loving, out of the box, fun loving. And then I realized very quickly that these people couldn't be boxed into standard hourly wedding packages. 

I got into wedding photography to tell people's stories! Their whole stories!

So, how can you easily encompass a whole wedding day without sacrificing prep coverage or dancing hours? 

Enter, my signature collection. 

With me, you get full wedding day coverage, starting with one hour of prep coverage, going all the way through 2 hours of your reception (and of course, everything in between!) 


Wait, what does that mean? 


An hour of prep means that I will show up one hour before your leave for your first formal event (either your ceremony or your first look). 

Then, we'll run around and do your portraits, your ceremony, your cocktail hour... you know, your whole wedding thing. 

Your coverage by me ends 2 hours after you're introduced into your reception - lots of time for dancing, toasts, and all that jazz. 



This has allowed me to do amazing extraordinary things like go bowling or play billiards with couples and their wedding parties in the middle of their wedding day. It also allows couples who do first looks to get all their family portraits done so they can just go an enjoy their cocktail hour. 

But most importantly, it means that your day is more relaxed and flexible and unhindered by time constraints.