Tyrande Whisperwind | Cosplay


  You may have heard me allude to this, or you might just know me, and thus, know this - I'm a nerd. A geek. Usually about art and culture, with a lot of sci-fi thrown in, but I don't discriminate. I'll nerd out about anything.

I love cosplayers. I've attended PAX East for the past 4 years now, just to see the new art in the game world, and to see the amazing time and dedication people put into their character costumes.

And I'm luck enough to know some pretty amazing cosplayers. And once in a while, I get to shoot them.


Elyse shot me an email a couple weeks before Halloween telling me she had put together an amazing Tyrande Whisperwind costume - partially for a show, partially for Halloween, and partially for fun. So what better time to shoot this, but Halloween night itself?