Rebecca + Joe, San Francisco Day After Shoot


A month ago today, one of the most wonderful people I know in the world got married to a wonderful guy in a in BAMF way. Their wedding was so fun and so visually over stimulating for me, that I haven't been able to choose favorites from their wedding day yet to post. So instead, I present to you their day after shoot - ta da!

Reb and Joe are big bikers, which might have shown more in their engagement shoot if their bikes hadn't just been stolen at the time. But here, with new and improved bikes, we had a little fun. Their cake topper at their wedding was a silhouette of a couple posed just the like the image above. Everything else was just goofing off.

This is Joe taking Rebecca for a ride...

... and this is Reb, taking Joe for a ride. 

Back to Kite Hill, where Joe proposed to Rebecca, and where we had fun with giant leaves this past spring

After running around in the wind again, we took it down a notch and wandered through all the street art around Mission and Valencia. 

Well. Maybe not THAT far a notch down...

Rebecca had made dozens of different sized pinwheels out of craft paper for the wedding, and of course, we had to have a little fun with those too. 

And of course, toned it down completely at the end of the night back in Reb and Joe's cozy and awesome home. 

Biggest love to you two, I love you so much!

My personal life has been crazy, with wedding season being in full swing for one, but I've also moved out of the Boston College area into Arlington, and have been running up and down New England for weddings and shoots. Between May 10 and June 30, I only spent 6 nights in Boston, so my apologies if my blogging and correspondence has been spotty. Life has been amazing though, and not just my personal life, which feels like it's finally done kicking my butt, but also my personal life. So far, all my couples these year have been simply fabulous, and I have truly TRULY loved every wedding I've photographed so far this year.

Here's to the second half of 2014 - bring it on!