Michelle + Mike, Just some portraits


Part of what I like about going through and editing a wedding is reliving a day that I had so much fun on (and yes, really, I do have fun and enjoy pretty much all of my weddings). Lots of photographers tell couples to hire a good photographer because their day is going to be a blur and the photos are going to help them look back and remember what their wedding was like. What I've found to also be true is that wedding days tend to be a blur for me as well, and that I really do enjoy going back through the photos and saying "Omg, that happened, and THAT. That really happened. And that moment. I loved that moment." And sometimes, I just don't blog, because I get lost under the amount of photos I look at from weddings and I find that I just can't narrow down favorites, nor can I try to post 100 favorites in a blog post (for the sake of internet bandwiths everywhere). So. Sometimes I have to step back and just pick a couple choice photos to share, because I'm too excited to wait for my brain to catch up.

Michelle and Mike got married at the Crane Estate last month, and I cannot be more happy that they chose me to document their wedding. The two of them are simply beautiful people, and I don't just mean what you can see in the mirror. They were super easy going, so good-spirited and simply just so much FUN. So here are a couple of my most favorite portraits of them throughout their wedding day. Expect the rest of the moments and fun to come soon!