Michelle Melino | Portrait of an Artist

What's a head shot? A photo of a face.  Head and shoulders. Eyes. Nose. Mouth. Good. But, couldn't it be more?

So, what's a portrait?

A story. Your story.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So why should a headshot just be, well, a headshot? Why are you even taking a headshot? Shouldn’t that photo of you tell more about, well… you? 

I have the great pleasure of photographing the weddings of many creative and entrepreneurial folk, and that's exactly when I got into photography - to meet and photograph interesting people and hear their stories. This is the beautiful, wonderful Michelle Melino Maione. Michelle works for a graphic design firm in Boston, but in her secret life, is also a fiber artist, graphic designer and all 'round creative powerhouse. She got back in touch with me recently to photograph some of her personal and professional work, and knock out a couple portraits as well (which, of course, is the highlight for me). My goal in a "head shot" is to take a portrait with a lot of personality; colorful, bright, bubbly, lively. Fun. Oh, Karina style.

So if you're hankering for any type of photo of yourself - for publication, for a profile photo, for LinkedIn, for a dating site, for your mom, for yourself - you know where to find me! And. Here's some of Michelle's amazing work: