Margaret + Oliver | DeCordova Gallery Wedding

I really love Margaret and Oliver. They are just such an incredibly adorable, expressive, silly, fun couple and they're just awesome. The two of them got married this July at the DeCordova Gallery in Lincoln, MA. Margaret and her lovely ladies prepped before hand at the Harvard Square Hotel, with her sister Stephanie doing everyone's make up.

I totally didn't want to be in this photo, but in retrospect, this makes me giggle. 

Checking out the bridey's progress.

Margaret's parents are from Japan, and her mom dressed for the day in a traditional kimono. 

Gold shoes! My favorite. 

BB copping a fake feel while Margaret waits with her eyes closed for her lashes to dry. 

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for falsies.

After hair and make up was done, Margaret and the ladies transfered over to DeCordova for Margaret to finish dressing.

Oliver, being creepy. 

Absolutely my favorite thing about these ladies was how much they laughed. 

Isn't she just so sassy?

Like, really really sassy?

Congrats loveys! I had so much fun. And I still want to try one of Oliver's beers before you go :)