Liz + Dave, a Philly meets Disney wedding

Okay so this isn't actually Disney themed, but it IS in Philly and both Liz and Dave worked in Philly (as did many of the guests) soooo... you can only imagine how fun it was.  I've known Liz for a while - we survived Portrait Simple together. This was one of the hardest blog posts I've done in a while, because I just could not choose what photos I wanted to featured. I considered breaking it into a couple part blog series, but I don't have that kind of blogging attention span :) So here's the bride, painting the flower girl's toes, right on her big day.

Laura, Liz's big sister and maid of honor, touching up what turned out to be an amazingly hilarious toast. Definitely my toast winner of 2012. 

Can you already see how awesome these ladies were?

Sisterly love and excitement. 

A moment with mom. Love my criers ;)

And Liz's baby, Buddha. Love this pup.

Liz's dad officiated the wedding along with one of Dave and Liz's Disney pals, Pastor Billy. 

And - mom drinking!

Liz's wedding had some of my favorite parent dance moments: And remember when I said this won my favorite toast of 2012? Laura, who moved into Liz's old room at some point, found under the bed a piece of paper from Liz's journal detailing her thoughts about Dave after they first met and how she knew then he was the one for her. Of course, it was much more detailed than that - much more detail than Laura should have probably read into at the wedding - but the moment was priceless. Liz stole the paper quickly thereafter.

And the party starts!

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