Lauren + Alex, a Philly wedding

Now that I'm more or less out of busy season, I figured I'd use some time to blog the weddings I didn't blog this summer.

Starting with Lauren and Alex! I've know Lauren and Alex since my Tufts days and I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding in Media, PA this summer at the beautiful Old Mill.

Ladies, here's a tip for you - apparently, you should do a couple push ups before show-time to show off those toned arms. 

Partying with the dress. 

As you know, I loooove first looks. 

And of course, first looks with an audience for the complete soundboard. 

Lauren's dad owns a pretty sweet MG that he used to chauffer Lauren and Alex to the venue in. Despite the fact that Lauren claims her family "isn't a convertible family" this is one of the two that they own :) 

You can't really see it in this teeny photo, but Lauren walked in to The Lion King's "Can You Feel The Love Tonight," by a string quartet. 

Love this lady. 

Lauren's dad, partying it up. 

That's a lot of friend love. Congrats Lauren and Alex. It was really beautiful.