Evangeline, 18 Days

I had the pleasure of meeting Monica at a shoot in May - her sister Kate (a fantabulous make-up artist) wanted to do a Dia de los Muertos themed shoot and I was serendipitously her chosen photographer. This is what Monica looked like when I first met her:

And that baby bump was Evangeline!

This is what Evangeline looks like today (or 2 weeks ago, they change so quickly at this age, you know).

We had a little bit of a slow start in warming up to the shoot.

I love this interaction. Evangeline was making what her mom calls one of her "grandma faces" and Monica just got a kick out of it.

Dad's tattoo to commemorate Evangeline's birthday.

This little man is Patrick's first son, Lyric. Number 1) he has the most amazing name for a little boy.  Number 2) he is just a funny, good looking little guy.

Lyric just went to his first concert the night before - The Flaming Lips.

This I love. This quilt was made by Monica's mother after their father died some years ago. All of those colorful patches are made of the all the dress shirts worn by Monica's father. Her mother cut them all up to make two quilts (one for Monica and one from Kate). Then she had a bunch of Monica and Kate's childhood photos printed on fabric to sew into the quilt. In the photo below, Evangeline is facing a photo of Monica being held by her father at about the same age.

Cuddle time!

Won't this little man make a great big brother? I love those eyes.

I love these these guys. They're hilarious.

I think that's a great note to leave you on. Until next time!