Danielle + Mike | Bowling & Cartwheels! | Fox Hollow, Long Island Wedding

Warning: There are too many photos in this post. Because hey. I have couples who do cartwheels and go bowling on their wedding day. How can there NOT be too many photos of that awesomeness?

Usually I have a strict meet-in-person-or-at-least-over-video-chat rule before a book a couple, but I knew I liked Danielle the first time I talked to her on the phone. 1. It's pretty rare I meet someone who talks as fast as I do. 2. Her bubbly, contagious energy just overflowed over the airwaves, and I got caught in it, big time. So I gambled with a booking over the phone, and won the lottery big time. Ding ding ding!

I mean, if you couldn't already tell, I love Danielle and Mike. I couldn't have asked for a pair of more laid back, easy, and just FUN people. Always laughing, always goofy, always sweet. The whole day was just a pleasure. And, of course, they had the wedding party to match ;) So scroll through for the goodies! The bridesmaids couldn't wait to get out of their shoes after the ceremony.  output_4L0qnxThere were too many to choose from, so check out their slide show!

Get the high res good stuff here: Danielle + Mike's wedding

Credits! Venue: Fox Hollow, Long Island http://www.thefoxhollow.com/ Dress: Mori Lee http://www.morilee.com/ Flowers: De Palma Florist http://www.depalmaflorist.com/