Dagny + Andrew, A Super DIY Wedding

You've seen them with sundaes, and now you can see them - married! Dagny and Andrew had a small, incredibly beautiful, completely DIY wedding. And when I say completely DIY, I mean, *completely* DIY. Check this out - Andrew made his own shirt, and Dagny made his tie.  Check out the stitching on this thing - it's a legit tie!Dagny's 7-year-old nephew couldn't be at the ceremony, so Dagny included him by having him draw out what he thought the ring pillow should look like. Together, they cut the pattern out of felt and sewed together the ring pillow. All Dagny wanted to do while her sister did her hair was dance. So what did Andrew do? He danced around her. That's a "finish up and let me dance" face. Dagny's best friend Jessica came out from the Midwest to officiate the wedding. She met Dagny the same day Dagny and Andrew met. Dagny had written an article a while ago for the blog, A Practical Wedding, on living at home after the wedding. This is their "suite" in Dagny parents house - they got the penthouse apartment :) I love love love black and white prep photos. They're my fave. And finally, Miss Dagny get's to dance. Mascara smudge. I love how colorful the Kream's home is. The finishing touches were done in the master bedroom, lavender. I also love that Dagny wore her glasses. I'm obsessed with girlies with glasses. And this is where the magic happens. This is Dagny's craft room. Though, on this day, it was technically the staging room. But I just couldn't help getting a photo with how well her dress and his tie matched the shelves. Wedding morning magic. No one know's who put this up. Rowan, tying dad's tie. And pretty much everything in this yard was done by Dagny, Andrew and their families. The flowers, the bonfire, the mason jars, the whole kit and caboodle. See? DIY like whoa. The ceremony itself happened at Carver Pond. It was a little bit of a guerrilla wedding. Dagny and Andrew chose a spot and had 25 of their closest peeps meet there for the ceremony. Standing room only. What's an ocarina? Rowan is playing one :) This is what their first kiss really looked like. Keep that in mind. Formals! I love how simply classically beautiful they are. Andrew continues to be very climby. So, remember what their first kiss REALLY looked like? This what they ACTUALLY wanted their first kiss to look like. But there was a lot of pressure (and stuff wrapped around them). Oh well. We still got the memory.I love this shot. Remember - Dagny can't jump. Makes this even better. And after all that, we head back to their house for the reception. Look at this adorable sucker. And a funky ring shot to wrap it all up. Congrats lovelies! It was truly a DREAM wedding :)