Cindy & Caitlin, a Sandwich, MA engagement


Cindy and Caitlin have an engagement story that rivals as one of my favorites.Actually, I love their whole story from their first meeting. They support my love of classic meet and remeet couples. When they first met, Cindy was dating someone else. Caitlin thought she was kinda bitchy. After Cindy was single again, they ran into each other in JP and started hanging out. Et voila!

The engagement story: Cindy and Caitlin are frozen yogurt nuts, so a couple months ago, they went out to get frozen yogurt. Caitlin waited in the car while Cindy went to get the cones. Cindy got the cones, put the engagement ring on top of one of them, got back into the car and asked, "So, do you want the one with the sprinkles or the one with the engagement ring?"

Sprinkles or engagement ring?? Love it.


Really, I just loved photographing these ladies. They were super sweet and quirky and game for most of my shenanigans. Thanks for being awesome - can't wait for your wedding!