Bea + Rob at Harpoon Brewery


This was just too much fun. Meet Rob and Bea. Rob was pretty much the first person I met when I arrived at Tufts University, and now I'm so excited to be photographing the wedding of him and his beautiful, wonderful fiancee, Bea (who, by the way, is also a fellow Jumbo). The good folks over at the Harpoon Brewery in the Boston Seaport let us run around the floor of the brewery for a while to take photos. Happiness ensued.

Rob and Bea has dubbed this next set "The Beer Monster". Most appropriate, me thinks. 

Beer monster. Must. Have. Beer. 

And naturally, you can't peruse the Harpoon Brewery without stopping for some beers at the beer hall. 

After they finally kicked us out for a private party, the three of us went a-wandering around the Boston Seaport District, because, well, it's summer and it's beautiful out. 

A little bit of fun at the Hood. Ha. Ha. Ha. *wink*nudge*

And that's all she wrote! Thanks so much again for playing with me, you two and I cannot WAIT for your wedding in October!