A personal story, a casting call, and a 2016 discount for offbeat brides!

Full disclosure: I am getting married this year. Exactly 6 weeks from today, in fact. (Hooray!) It's one of those crazy things for wedding photographers - or I guess, specifically, for me - because suddenly, I'm through the looking glass. And my whole life has been taken over by wedding planning. And suddenly, I totally understand what all my couples are going through. And I suddenly feel very stressed out and soul searchy and in need of some creative catharsis.

I've said this a million times, and I'll say it again. I have been SO lucky in my business - I've loved all of my couples. I love them. They're always wonderful and sweet and funny and nerdy and willing to let me run my show and (knock on wood) I've never had a 'zilla.

However, at the moment, I'm feeling a little selfish. Maybe it's because I didn't get the really funky, offbeat, crazy-out-of-the-box wedding I wanted (traditional family; I wanted to have a black-and-white ball, dress code black and white only, and then show up in a red dress), but now I'm really really craving very colorful, nerdy, funky, punky, rock and rolly couples and weddings.


I shot more of them when I was starting out, maybe in part because I was more affordable, but partially also because I negotiated and worked with those couple's budgets, something that fell to the wayside as I got more experienced (and older, and acquired more expenses, and craved more financial security).

This year, I want them back. Like, really really. I'm looking for couples with crazy, fantasy colored hair, sleeves or backs of tattoos, undercuts, mohawks, with purple dresses and gold tuxes, who aren't afraid to show off their extreme nerdom, rock and punkiness to the world. (Not necessary all in one couple).

So if you think you fit the bill, email me! Let me know:

  • what you two are all about
  • where your wedding is
  • what you're imagining for it
  • what your budget is
  • what your looking for in terms of coverage
  • and of course, anything else you want to send or tell me

Every little bit helps! This is your year. And after April 16, I'm definitely going to need a project. So, let's talk!